BLOOMWIN Dimmable LED Aquarium Light with Plano Lens Reflector 55*3w Blue White Fish Tank Lamp


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Input Voltage:AC85~264V
Working current:550mA
Working Frequency:50/60 Hz
Rated Power:55*3W
Color:8 bands full spectrum
Blue 460-470nm—8pcs
Royal Blue 450nm—15pcs
Blue 430nm—4pcs
Cold White 9000-18000K—10pcs
Neutral White 5500-8000K—6pcs
Warm White 3000-4500K—6pcs
Deep Red 660nm—4pcs
Green 520nm—2pcs

Inner package:455x275x110mm
Carton package:475x280x475mm
Lifespan:50,000 hours
1).Do work under normal environment.
2).Do not touch or beat the light when working.
3).None waterproof, do not drip the water in.
4).The above specification is on the basic of red and blue 8:1.Any ratio could be customized.
1 x Power Cord
1 x Steel Hanging Kit

  • 55*3w dimmable led aquarium adopt double lines ,double switches and 2 pcs dimmer ,one dimmer can control blue chips, the other can control with chip. At the same time can change the blue and white between 5%-100%,can provide different brightness strength for aquatic plants.
  • 8 bands full spectrum. Blue 460-470nm/8pcs; Royal Blue 450nm/15pcs; Blue 430nm/4pcs; Cold White 9000-18000K/10pcs; Neutral White 5500-8000K/6pcs; Warm White 3000-4500K/6pcs; Deep Red 660nm/4pcs; Green 520nm/2pcs; Different ratio and spectrum can be customized.
  • Aluminum plate and light body fixed with rubber edging screws, more beautiful than the traditional gluing fixed, easy to disassemble and insulation between aluminum plate and lamp shell, make the product using safer.
  • Plano lens , with a more powerful condenser results than the traditional one are added in led aquarium light,, increasing the light strength in the water.
  • Used for Aquarium tank, soft and hard Coral growth and Fish tanks. Suitable for almost all ocean living creature. Turn on the blue switch at night, The effect of fluorescent colors on coral, Software, fish, is amazing.
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