Blagdon Sludge Buster


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Sludge BusterAn advanced blend of freeze-dried bacteria and enzymes that willactively consume the sludge that accumulates on the bottom of thepond. Left alone this sludge will harbor fish pathogens and detractfrom the water clarity as well as causing poor water quality. Thebacteria selected for Sludge Buster utilize oxygen locked up in thesludge therefore they do not impact the level of oxygen available tolivestock in the pond. Each sachet contains 8,500 million bacteria!Ideal for use after treatment with Green Away or Pond Balance – toprevent dead algae deoxygenating the pond.

  • Creates a healthy clean pond by actively consuming pond sludge
  • Reliable – dried form gives unlimited shelf life
  • Safe – will not harm fish, plants or pond wildlife
  • Treats up to 2,0000 gallons (9,000) litres
  • Easy to use
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