Blagdon Pond Air 1 Pump System


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The Blagdon PA1 Pond Air Pump is a complete compact air pump kit, ideal for ponds up to 2500 litres. The kit is easy to install and includes everything you need to create a healthy oxygen rich environment in your pond. The reliable Blagdon Pond Air 1 delivers an impressive 3.5 litres per minute efficiently thanks to its extremely low power consumption and has a maximum pumping depth of 1.4m.
Fish and other pond life require oxygen-rich water in order to remain healthy. Filter bacteria, essential to the breakdown of highly toxic ammonia and nitrite, also require oxygen to flourish and keep the pond free from the build up of toxic waste.
Use of a Blagdon pond air pump will dramatically increase the level of oxygen in the pond and reduce carbon dioxide levels, thus aiding in preventing the pond from stagnating, by injecting air into the water. Additionally, by placing an airstone directly into the filter chamber, beneficial bacteria essential to the well-being of a pond will be encouraged to grow. This will greatly improve filter efficiency and fish health.
Aeration in the pond is especially important in warm weather, when water holds much less oxygen, and at night, when plants stop producing oxygen and start using it up. Fish seen gasping at the surface, or swimming lethargically may be signs of lack of oxygen within a pond.
In winter, use a Pond Air pump to keep areas of the pond ice-free, thus preventing the build up of toxic gases that can be fatal to fish and other aquatic life.
Extra oxygenation is also recommended when treating fish diseases because many treatments reduce the oxygen level, and sick fish need higher levels of oxygen to recover.
Please Note: This air pump is not weatherproof and must not be positioned outside. If so please ensure it is held within a weatherproof container.

  • Developed with over 20 years experience
  • Ability to work at a greater depth than the equivalent air pump
  • Helps create a healthy oxygenated pond
  • High performance reliable air pump
  • Designed to be quiet and specially designed for ponds