biOrb Algae Cleaner


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The biOrb Magnetic Algae Cleaner is one of the most advanced algae cleaners developed.The blades work in a way that removes any algae without damaging or scratching your aquarium.

Reasons why we recommend the biOrb Algae cleaner:

  • Innovative cleaning results – the design of the blades are so unique that the algae comes away from the sides in sheets rather than in a cloud. So you simply remove the sheets from the water.
  • It is tough enough to remove some of the most stubborn stains – can even remove coralline algae.
  • The unique hi-tech polymer blades clean without scratching the aquarium. It also prevents grit getting stuck between the cleaner and the acrylic.
  • When you pull the cleaner apart in the aquarium – the inside cleaner floats rather then sinking to the bottom, so no more wet arms!
  • Simply dust the outer surface with a soft cloth to remove any grit and then move the out section of the cleaner, the internal section will follow cleaning algae off the inside of the aquarium.
  • This algae cleaner can be used on any small aquarium, not just the biOrb. The flat blades are designed to work on flat sides aswell as spherical sides and acrylic as well as glass.

Compatible with the following biOrb aquariums:

  • Baby biOrb
  • biOrb 30
  • biOrb 60
  • SpyOrb
  • biUbe
  • biUbe Pure