BeneStellar 18 LED 3 Solar Powered Submersible Outdoor Lamps RGB Color Changing Landscape Ambiance Lighting for Outdoor Garden Pond Pool Underwater Decoration


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Product Features:

LED quantity: 18 PCS (3 light, 6 LED per light)
LED color: red, blue, green
Waterproof grade: IP68
Main Part Material: ABS
Charge time: 8 hours
Working time: about 20 hours
Cable length: 1.2m x2 and 3m x 1
Solar Panel Dimensions: 24X19 x 17cm
Solar panel power consumption: 6V/420mAh
Rechargeable battery: 1 x Ni-MH AA Battery18650, 3.7V/1800mAh

Warm tips

1. Please peel off the film covered on the panel before putting it under the sun for charging.
2. Please keep all the accessories well so that it could be assembled normally in the later using.
3. Please confirm the switch is under “on” status so that the light could be charged normally and auto lights on at night. The solar spotlight won’t light up in day. Make sure the light is fully charge before its first time using.
4. The stake is so sharp that you must be careful when using it. And don’t let children play with it.
5.Do not bang, collide the product to avoid damage.
6.The plunger end is very sharp, so please be careful when using it. Please DO NOT allow children to use this product.

We promise 18 months warranty with this item. That means, we will make a REPLACEMENT OR REFUND immediately if you meet some Quality Issues.

  • Suitable to use in both land and water. Can be utiized on indoor aquarium and pond. Low voltage and leak-proof. Marked with IP 68 ingress protection of waterproof. Adopted solid hard plastic, the solar outdoor led spotlight is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, which can withstand harsh weather.
  • Control by light, solar panels during the day for auto charging. It can sense dark by nighttime and will automatically switch on. The illumination period is 8 hours or above. The solar spotlight uses solar-powered to be used for lighting in both land and water. The lamp uses a high efficiency solar panel. It is capable to converting solar energy into electrical energy. And stored in the built-in battery to provide LED illumination.
  • Unique light-control technology can guarantee to automatically charge during daytime (when the light is abundant), and will also automatically switched on in nighttime (when the light is insufficient).
  • This product is easy to install. No wiring is needed. It had also passed special dust and water treatment. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. It can be used to illuminate the pool, the courtyard corridor, the flowers and the trees as well as to beautify landscaping rockery fountain, etc.
  • Three color lamp: Red, blue, and green will switch every 8 seconds, every time keep the same color. Package include: 1 * Solar stake ,1* Solar panel ,3* led lamps