Beaphar King British Safe Water 500 ml


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King British Filter Aid+ (previously called Safe Water)

Poor water quality in aquariums can cause stress in fish and may be fatal. Water can be effected by ammonia that is present in the water though the natural break down of fish waste, food and plant debris. If this is present in water it can be toxic to the fish inside.

Using King British Filter Aid+ helps to oxidize any Ammonia and Nitrite present into Nitrates which can then be absorbed by plants making the water safer and healthier for fish.

Regular use of the treatment improves the development of the biological filter given clean and clear water for longer.

Filter Aid+ can also be used when starting a new aquarium, carrying out partial water changes and after using treatments and medicines, to boost the filtration of the aquarium filter

Can be used in Coldwater, Tropical and Marine Aquariums.

Please Note. Filter Aid+ was previously called Safe Water so some products may come to you in older packing. The 500ml Safe Water (Filter Aid) is also labelled for Pond Treatment. This is the same item and is suitable for aquariums.

* 500ml comes in a Safe Water package and is advertised as a Pond Treatment. Safe Water is an old name for the product and is suitable for aquariums.

Directions for use

Carefully calculate the volume to be treated making adequate allowance for the displacement of water by gravel, rocks and equipment. Invert bottle gently to mix before use.

Add 1 capful (4ml) of Filter Aid+ for every 36 litres (8 gallons) of water. When starting a new aquarium or when using in a marine aquarium, use a double dose.

Repeat treatment once a week, after carrying out water changes, after using fish medicines, and when adding new fish.

  • Helps to maintain better water quality
  • Contains millions of specially selected live bacteria
  • Removes harmful chlorine and chloramines
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • Ensures clean and clear water
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