Azoo Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 4 (250L)


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For guppy, discus, dwarf cichlid, fish fry and marine fish


1. Adopting by a hydrophilic high-quality filter material and all the air holes are interconnected. It is easy to cultivate high-density nitrifying bacteria for a long time.

2. Multi-stratum structure design and resulting in a wide surface area for filtering and best for the growth of nitrate bacteria.

3. It is operated silently by air pump and the special air cell creates numerous minute bubbles, increases dissolved oxygen and make no noise when operating.

4. Preventing fries from being absorbing and it is the best one for the breeding and spawning of discus, dwarf cichlid, guppy and egg-laying toothcarp.

5. Please choose the suitable model according to the structure, size and function of aquariums

  • Ideal for guppy, discus, dwarf cichlid, fish fry and marine fish
  • Creates minute bubbles to increase oxygen in water
  • Very quiet operation