AUTOMATIC WATER TIMER – Digital Irrigation System Valve For Controlled Watering – Intelligent Sprinkler and Hose Controller High Contrast LCD Display – FREE Garden Ebook Bundle


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Are Your Plants Dying Because You Forgot to Water?

You are not the only one. We all forget to water sometimes. It’s only natural.

That is why we created the Planted Perfect Water Timer – to help you always automatically keep your garden watered and green.

Automatically Waters Your Plants

This durable Water Timer gets the job done – at home or on vacation it ALWAYS takes care of your garden.

Just insert 2 Alkaline batteries, attach to faucet (any standard faucet will do), program it to your plants’ watering needs and you are done worrying about water.

Magic Money Savings

The Timer automatically saves tons of water, using only the ideal amount for maximum water savings.

Thus, lowering water bills!! Don’t waste money on water. Spend savings on yourself, or your garden!

Simple Settings

- Just set the time, desired start time, watering frequency and duration and that covers the setup
- Includes easy to follow usage guide

Custom Watering Frequency:

- Hourly
- Every 12 hours
- Every 1-7 days

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  • EASY TO READ LCD – The large, high contrast LCD screen is extremely easy to read- no small font or strained eyes.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply attach to the faucet, adjust the hose and program – DONE! Plus, it lasts up to 4,000 cycles so your plants are always watered – AUTOMATICALLY
  • STOP WATERING FOREVER – Planted Perfect Irrigation control keeps your garden fresh and thriving. Easily control the duration and frequency watering. Choose between manual and automatic programming and off you go!
  • SIMPLE AND SAVES TIME – Just add 2 Alkaline batteries and you are ready! The 12.6 oz, lightweight hose timer easily attaches to any standard faucet – even with arthritis or small hands.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Love your sprinkler timer or get your money back – No questions asked, just a prompt courteous refund! Planted Perfect was created to cover all your needs. This is what we do – get a taste of our exceptional products and services too!