Arcadia Ultra Clear 6w Replacement UVC Bulb for Sterilisers & Clarifiers

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Watt Ultra Violet Bulb 9″” (225mm) Long T5 (16mm Diameter) Regular replacement of the UV bulbs in your pond UV Clarifier is one of the easiest, but most effective ways to ensure you have a crystal clear pond, free from green water all year round. The arcadia replacement UV bulbs will fit most models of UV units, including aquarium sterilisers. We recommend that you replace the bulb in early spring, once the last frosts have gone, so that they can be working before the long warm sunny days of summer arrive! Conventional T8/T5 ‘long tube’ bulbs are only effective for 6 months. (The bulb will still illuminate, but the UV levels will be very low). With the conventional bulbs we would recommend replacing them at the end of August, in preparation for long late summer days. WARNING – Never look directly at an illuminated UV bulb.

  • 6 watt Arcadia fish pond UV lamp
  • 225mm long (9″ inch)
  • Double ended T5 tube 16mm diameter