Arcadia Maxi Jet 500 Aquarium Power Head Filter Pump


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The Maxi-jet pumps are a leading aquarium pump that is fully submersible but can be used externally. The pump is a low maintenance and the impeller has not loose parts which makes any cleaning that is required very easy to carry out. The Maxi jet pumps also have a solid sturdy base that comes with suction come to secure the pump in position. The pump outlet is fully rotatable allowing any position achievable Maxi Jet 500 Aquarium power head filter pump Low wattage – only 6 watts Max flow rate 490 litres per hour Silent operation External or submersible use

  • Maxi-Jet pumps are multi-use external or submersible pumps that combine high performance with low power consumption.
  • 490 Litres per hour
  • 6 watts
  • Silent operation
  • Solid base with suction cups