Aquarium Plant Set for 100-120 liter tank (8)


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you get a range of plants for water a 100-120 l aquarium < / font > < / p > .

— see article photo — < / p >

The set described below , we put together so that it is in the grown State the article photo as close as possible . However, we always ask Please note that there are natural products in plants and thus to Deviations may occur from the photo. The existing on the Product Image Decoration (Stones root , etc. ) and the ground can be ordered on request.

The assortment contains the following:

  • 2 pot Echinodorus mother plants
  • 6 Pot Cuban Perlkraut
  • 5 Federation of Small Water Abel

    The lead terminal before the planting of the league as far as possible remove . The bundles and pots have a commercial size , no cheap goods r n r n Note : . Should it under purchase problems provide , please contact us by email. Reklamtionen please if possible add a photo. Do not vote after receiving the goods rashly . We will find in every case an optimal solution in your senses. we rely on a fair assessment to future goods in a reasonable price – to offer money.

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