Aquarium or pond filter foam wadding 18-22mm thick, 69cm wide, variable lengths (1 Metre Length) (3 Metre)


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Our filter wadding is 100% safe for any aquatic environment. It can be used to replace many of the branded filter media foam wadding by simply cutting to shape to suit. It is also ideal for use in chamber pond filters by folding or layering to obtain the thickness and size of the wadding pad you desire. Can literally be used over and over again by simply washing and rinsing in the existing pond or aquarium water in a bucket or bowl to retain the existing bio chemicals it has accumulated. Only needs replacing when it is literally falling apart so very economical. We have other thicknesses of wadding available from our Amazon store listings.

  • Ideal for fine mechanical filtration in aquarium and pond filters alike.
  • 69cm wide with a thickness of between 18 to 22mm
  • Choose from the menu the length in metres you require, the longer the length you buy the more econmical it is
  • Can be cut, shaped and trimmed to suit many of the popular filters available on the market
  • Fold to create a thicker pad. Can be used for a long time, just wash and rinse, read our full description at the bottom of the page