Aquarium Aqua LED 33L


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AquaLED Aquarium Kit 33L
Free shipping. Kit Aquarium AquaLED 33L: LED Lighting, filter, conditioner, aquarium thermometer, food and guide included. Measures 50 x 25 x 32 cms. Optional cabinet. Colours available: Black.
AquaLED 33L Aquarium Includes:
Internal filter - Optimus 200 50 - 200L/H 3.5 W Adjustable
With sponge and activated carbon for filtering. - White illumination LEDs 40 cm 3.84 W 6,800 Kº - clanetador temperamatic Pro Quartz
Anti-chlorine -  - Water Conditioner
Canister of food - Guide the aquarium.
The line of aquarium aqua-led is designed for the demanding that want a design as well as for beginners in the world of the aquariofilia. Its graceful beauty and the great price - quality have been achieved in this model.
The aquarium aqua-led is made and painted with materials that do not affect the quality of the water.
In the kit includes water heater filter Optimus, Saab H engine or turbojet, depending on the kit that is chosen in relation to the size of the aquarium, be able to choose a model or other display with LED light, and a complete aquarium starter kit (conditioners, food, thermometer and guide to start fishkeeping).
Advantages of the system of Iluminacion LED
To act as spot, with a viewing angle of 120 ° spread of light, concentrates the light more evenly and symmetry, taking all the energy emitted and reaching all parts of the aquarium, ensuring the correct development of plants and corals that are normally positioned in the rear of the aquarium.
The display of LED light is an innovative illumination with greater intensity that the classic screens.
With this light is a growth in plants, greater safety to have only 12 volts and a lower power consumption (up to five times lower than the traditional fluorescent).
durability: the LED has a life that is Zoom