Aqualogi Stik Center Vortex 80 with Lid and Verrohrung


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Center Vortex C 80 Pond Filter complete with filter material: the Aqualogi stik centre channel Vortex is the compact solution for ponds up to 80,000 litres.The filter from is supplied via a inlet tube of the Vortex. The after Demdas water in a vortex of coarse dirt Leaves, leftover food, etc uiversal (Union Jack style) has been flows it is expanding further into the brush chamber dry cleaned. Hierwird the water??Durchkämmt?? Clean and Vonweiteren particles (thread algae, etc).In the following three sections, the water is biologically Remanufactured Undvon Fischgiftigen nitrogen compounds. Thanks Verschiedeneingesetzte biological filter media Unterschiedlichenbakterienstämme can be. It then Wasserzurück to the pond.The aluminium centre channel Vortex filters are made from strong and weatherproof glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).The outlet lines are made from durable PVC and are ready assembled.Any filter chamber is equipped with a gate valve and Separatentleerbar.Delivery includes filter material for pump and gravity installation with middle kingdom technology for better Absetzl performance with a divided lid effective filter performance Quick and easy cleaning Einlaminierte pipes space-saving with up flow system Dimensions (L x W x H): 165X165X100 cm connection (Input): 1 x DN160 connector (Output): 1x DN160 dirt Output: 5 x DN63 diameter Vortex: 95 cm Recommended. Pump power: 15000 l/Hfür Natural Ponds/Swimming ponds up to: 80,000 litres for fish ponds up to: 50,000 litres for Koi ponds up to 27,000 litres box contents: - Filter with Verrohrung and lid - Filter Material (filter brushes, Japanese matting, organic rings, AquaRock) pond > Pond Filter > Pond center Vortex