Amazon Sword Plants Echinodorus bleheri Live Aquarium Plants Aquatic Plants For Your Fish Tank (1)


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Number selected x Echinodorus

Ceramic Rings are removed to avoid damage in the post.

One of the larger sword plants; ideal for open aquaria. Under water the leaves are very narrow with long leaf blades. Above the water surface the leaves are lanceolate or thin and egg-shaped. You will often see panicles holding a number of adventitious plantlets. These plants need a large aquarium due to their potential height. It is best to arrange them in a group of 3 to 5 plants. As with all Echinodorus, these plants prefer nutrient-rich substrate.
Normally delivered within 3 – 5 days but on occasion this maybe delayed which is why this was extended for delivery.


Plants are incubated in a soultion of 0.01% of the insecticide Buprafezin for one hour (Please do not just drop these in a shrimp tank or with any other crustacean. To use these within a tank please wash in water with baking soda under light. These are treated to remove the insecticide but there are cases where this has not been fully removed causing casualty’s in crustacean.

  • Image shows a selection of weighted plants
  • Aquariums Tropical
  • Amazon Sword
  • Echinodorus bleheri