ALGENKILLER Protect – 1.5 kg algae in your pond, ALGENFREI- green water aquarium product, Pond, Maintenance-Algae-CARE products


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Algenkiller Protect
- 3.31 lbs (1,5 kg) for 100,000 L
against sewing and slime algae-protector in the pond

- Protects surfaces in the pond from vegetation of sewing and slime algae
- Improves filter performance thanks to the pump and synergistically
- foaming No
- Thousands have already been proven
- Contains natural, live, non-genetically modified Mikroorganismen.
- 3.31 lbs (1,5 kg) of Granulates are sufficient for 100,000 L of maximum Teichwasser.
- equivalent doses for other pond volume and, depending on the strength of the Algenbefalls.
- the Algenkiller Protect according to the dosage instructions expressed in Special Gewebesäckchen or to einstreuen.

Algenkiller Protect is a novel Kombinationsprodukt for the effective and sustainable surface of such as Pond Liners, pumps, hoses, etc. from Schmieralgen. sewing and the algae Die from, and will be included, high-quality, natural, non-genetically modified micro-organisms abgebaut.

the Algenzersetzung Calls, therefore fish oxygen with sufficient oxygen worries UV lamps during application turn device off.

marking in accordance with the EU Directive 98 / 8/EC: algaecide safe use Always read label and product information, BAuA

N-27300 N-27299, reference number:

  • 1 x Algenkiller protect 1.5 kg
  • Basic price: 126,29 Euro / kg
  • For 100,000 L of pond water