Airbrush Compressor AF18-2


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Airbrush Mini-Compressor model AS18-2 The intelligent solution: The ideal, high-performant equipment for the airbrush, for beginners and pros, for model-making, ceramic, pottery, cosmetic, fingernails, helmets, technical illustrations, tanning, tattoos, textile, nail art – studios, working with water colours or just for airbrushing etc. Easy and portable. Very low noise level only approx. 47dB. Compressor operates fully automatically and mostly pulsation free, oil free and therefore no polluted air. With water filter, pressure regulator and manometer. Field of application The airbrush compressor AS18-2 is suitable for airbrushes and can be used in handicraft, cosmetic, tattoo, body colours, hobby, model toys, finger nail design. It can also be used as air source for medical applications, environmental protection, aquariums, food and chemical industries, laboratories etc. Perfect working by means of a constant operating pressure, which is achieved due to the regulator – Manometer – Compressed-air reducer – Switch off function Technical data Type piston compressor, oil free
Output 1/5 HP (150W)
Rotation speed 1450 / 1700 rpm
Standard volume 20 – 23 l/min
Pressure setting range 0 – 4bar
Adjustment range on: 2,0bar out: 4,0bar
Actual operating pressure in continuous operation approx. 2,5 bar at 0,2 mm hose approx. 1,7 bar at 0,5 mm hose
Max. pressure 6,0bar
Hose connection 1/8″
Cable length 1,9m
Nozzles suitable for all types of airbrush with nozzles 0,2 – 1,0mm
Dimensions 255 x 135 x 170mm
Weight 3,9kg (light and portable)
Noise ca. 47 dB (low noise level)
Overheat protection available
Shutdown start / stop automatic
Delivery content Compressor AS18-2 with pressure reducer, tank, filter, water separator und manometer, variably adjustable 0 – 4,0 bar. German operating instructions.

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