AGT Professional Metal Detector


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This metal detector white exactly how deep you digging.
Awards/Feedback/press reviews:
‘Note: 1.8 (good), conclusion: “The AGT Metal Detector is well-made, and offers plenty of features at a moderate price. Suitable for the device is original has remained the favourite of amateur and any treasure hunter as well as for professionals. Metal Detector test. Net NX 5030 Note 1.8 (08/15).
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This metal detector has everything professional probe explorers need: You want to decide which metal you are looking for. The extra sophisticated Diskrimination is all major metals from aluminium to zinc.
The metal detector comes with any base. And it will tell you where anything to find is and how deep it Aquarium Gravel.
Three different signals give you already featured on the Vorbeigehen to a to which metal type it is. Silver and gold distinguish them so on instantly.
Thanks to the pinpoi nting function save for long and digging. The metal detector has made to where you need to digging - and how deep. So keep your target always the same in the palm of your hand. This will get probe fun for go.
The workshop price of EUR 199,90 conforms Ehem. mini-receiver. VK the supplier

  • Metal Detector with pinpoint switch & # 8226; Auto and manual on soil conditions & # 8226; with in-built speaker port and headphone socket (3.5 mm jack) & # 8226; extendable, double adjustable telescopic rail and # 8226; Length: 86 “-44″, Coil: Ø 214 mm
  • LCD Screen settings - no more double booking. and accurate & # 8226; Control for Diskrimination (metal choose from and sensitivity (is depth/Space thickness) & # 8226; Search coil Waterproof up to 25 cm deep & # 8226; Warning when battery is low
  • Pinpoi Nting: Precise Positioning To Location where it was found and depth & # 8226; Ground Filter for depth search without interference & # 8226; sucht depth: max. 25 cm & # 8226; Rubberised grip, padded arm support (continuously adjustable)
  • Metal Detector includes instructions (cannot guarantee these are in English)
  • The 3 tones for direct identification of metals & # 8226; it can find the special Ialisierte scan and all metal & # 8226; Distinguish between 8 pre-set metals & # 8226; Power Supply: 2x 9 V block (please order separately)