Adhere To Fly 100 Pcs Straight Barb/Thread Connectors Used For Micro Irrigation Flowers

Thread Straight Connector is a high quality barbed connector designed to connect one length of 4mm irrigation pipe to 4mm irrigation pipe.
The connector features sharp-edged barbs that create a tight connection and a leak-proof seal. Thread Straight Connector have increased strength and superior quality, and are heat, chemical and wear resistant compared to single barbed joiners.
Ideal for use in low pressure micro irrigation systems and manufactured from UV stabilised materials to protect against deterioration from the sun’s rays.

This Barb Water Hose connector is widely used in horticulture irrigation, balcony gardening,
garden irrigation and other places.
Products using the new high-quality plastic, stable quality, long service life.
It are widely accepted by users.
Connection: 1/4 inch hose ID 4 mm / OD 7mm

Packaging: 100 Pcs

  • Barb/Thread Straight Connector for 4mm Pipe
  • Thread can go into supply pipe to join micro pipe
  • Material: Plastic, Color: Black
  • Connect into 4mm Pipe
  • Package Include: 100 PCS Barb/Thread Straight Connector