Adhere To Fly 1 Pc Handheld Brix Refractometer, 58-92% Brix Honey Sugar Content Specific Measurement Tool widely Used in the Manufacture or Production of Honey


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Model Number:58-92 Brix%
Min. Div.:0.5 Brix%
Measurement ange:Sugar content, Baume degrees

The main purpose
Honey concentration meter, specifically detect a number of indicators of honey.
The main technical parameters
1. With temperature compensation function, make the data more accurate

Measurement Procedures
1, the alignment of the light refraction prism (1) direction, adjust the eyepiece diopter ring (5), until the reticle clear.
2, adjusting the reference: first the standard solution before measurement (silicone oil), based on the same equipment and test liquid temperature. Open the cover (2), then take 1 to 2 drops of standard liquid droplets on the refractive prism, and press with the test piece in the lens (2) draw a dividing line between light and shade. Rotational alignment screws (3) so that the eyepiece of light and shade boundary was adjusted to coincide with the horizontal line above 78.8%.
3. Measure: open the cover (2), use a soft cloth to wipe the prism surface, take 1 to 2 drops of the test solution was dropped on the refractive prism (2) Close the lid and gently press,Close the daylight plate so the test solution spreads across the entire surface of the prism without air bubbles or dry spots. read the relative scale of blue and white dividing line , that is, the concentration of the measured liquid content.
4, after the measurement is completed, the direct use damp cloth to wipe the surface of the prism and attachments on the cover, to be dried and properly stored.

  • Measuring range: 58-92% (sugar content) of 1%, 13-27% (water content) of 1%, 38-43oBe ‘(Baume) 0.5 Be’,
  • package include: Manual 1, a screwdriver, a pipette, a lens cloth.
  • Usage:Sugar
  • Brix Range:58-92 Brix%, Baume degrees:38-43, Water content:13-27%
  • Measurement Accuracy:1%