Active Charcoal Hopar 350 gr - FILTER MATERIAL, Natural Element Content in a Stocking


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The active charcoal is obtained from material carbonized, subjected to heat treatment in extremely high temperatures. This creates the microscopic holes inside the coal activated carbon, giving an exceptional hardness and high absorbency. The charcoal has an extremely low content of ash and a series of small holes on each pellet, to maximize the surface. Helps keep the water clear by absorbing the biological material. The granular filter material that inserted in the aquarium filter absorbs pollutants present in water, as the phosphates; also eliminates residues of medicines after a Care and all harmful substances that are not processed in bacteria. Plays the action fungicide and insecticide, also helps in the absorption of heavy metals and in the scent of water. The use of the active carbon it is advisable in saltuaria mode or in particular when the water starts to take a yellowing. Before the first use wash the coal with Luke warm water leaving to settle the powders, then insert the bag in the filter Aquarium. Each box, indicated as 500 g, Contains 350 g of activated charcoal.

  • Pack of 500 g
  • Useful for both the fresh aquarium Marine