6x Nano Marimo Moss Balls Live Plants


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Suitable for Aquariums and shrimp safe. An excellent way to bring green back into your space! Viewed as the upcoming trend in minimalist homes across America & Europe, the Marimo is shy for attention, and yet it exudes plenty of charm into your space. With minimal storage space and low maintenance. The Marimo is suitable in all shape of vessel, and various lighting conditions. A little love goes a long way! Water change is recommended once a week. These miniature moss balls grow up to a diameter of 25 cm / 10 inches. It is said that taking excellent care of the Marimo brings all your wishes come true. All that aside these plants are just plain adorable as a centre piece on the coffee table. * Please note: Glass bottle is not included.

  • 6x Marimo Moss Balle by Aquarium Plants
  • Grown in the uk by its a fishy buziness
  • Live Plants
  • Aquarium plants reduce algae growth
  • Low Maintainance
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