5 kg grain stone for aquariums and terrariums Dekostein


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Description: This is a sheet structure Stone with some nice stepped rock fins. The size the slats can vary greatly. Color from gray to white and cream . Single pieces about 10-25 cm. It will be delivered approximately 5 kg of the rock. each According to current size are the 1-5 individual pieces. you can inform us after the purchase how big the stones should be approximately (eg 1 large or 5 small , etc.). We are your wishes then as good taken into account as possible. Prior to use for the Aquarium please the stone rinse under clean water.

Note: Should there be problems in the context of the purchase , contact Us by mail . Complaints please if possible a photo to attach. Please not evaluate rash after receiving the goods . We will in any case find an optimal solution in your senses. We are on a fair evaluation instructed to future goods in a cheap price – performance ratio to offer .

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