4X LED Waterproof Battery Powered Submersible Lights LED Accent Lights Night Lights Mood lights with IR Remotes for Wedding, Centerpiece, Halloween, Party Lights

99% Waterproof.It comes with Hermetic bag,if you want to put the light under the water for a long time.
Please take the light from the bag and pour out the water as it will inflow a little bit water for a long time.
For economy, Pls use rechargeable battery.

Our submersible lights can be used in or out of water.
illuminate flower vases, ice sculptures, table settings…
Remote controlled submersible lights provide steady light and do not flash or flicker.
1. Open the lights at the time of purchase to take out the batteries.
2. Install the batteries correctly.
3. Close the light tightly.
4. Put the light to the place where you want and press ON botton to turn it on, and OFF button to turn it off.
5. If the container is black or very thick, please turn on the light and then put it into the container.
6. The valid control distance is about 8-10 meters in the open area.
7. Dispose of old batteries properly.
8. The diameter is 2.76 inches, the height is 1.38 inches.
Package included:
4xLed Light
4xRemote Control

  • Reusable, submersible LED lights, are waterproof and wireless and are thus perfect for lighting up vases, bowls, or any water filled containers. -Can turn a boring bowl into a beautiful and exciting centerpiece, are often used for event design.
  • 4xled light,4x remote,4xHermetic bag.Amaze your friends and neighbors, simply place one of these LED lights in a vase Use with or without the optional remote control. An perfect alternative for candles in order to meet fire codes or to avoid the dangers of an open flame, non-flicker
  • Remote controled 14 LED submersible from Acolyte sets the standard for a small high power waterproof illuminator.
  • It can be turned on or off by romote control, can make great party favors as well.
  • The submersible light with ten super bright LEDs, it will run from 10-12 hours on three AAA batteries, which not included