42 Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump Dosing Pump with Tubing Hose Pump Aquarium


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Peristaltic pump technology indicators::

Motor weight:400g

Pump head Weight:80g

Protection class:IP31

Flow rate range :0-160ML/min

Stepper motor:42 stepper motor

Speed range:1 to 50.0 rpm reversible

Power consumption:less than 10W

Velocity resolution:1rpm external control: 0.1rpm

Working environment:Temperature 0 to 40 degree,relative humidity less than 80 pecentage

Package included:

1x New Peristaltic Pump Dosing Pump With 42 Stepper Motor Tubing Hose Pump

  • Suitable as OEM products
  • Small size,light weight
  • Tubes easy to replace flexible operations
  • Embedded in the work front panel or mounted on the carriage
  • With tube and two pcs of connectors (exactly as the below pictures show)