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Because of its weak basic properties, calcium hydroxide has many and varied uses: A flocculant, in water and sewage treatment and improvement of acid soils An ingredient in whitewash, mortar, and plaster An alkali used as a lye substitute in no-lye hair relaxers A chemical depilatory agent found in Nair A calcium supplement in mineral fortified baby formulas A chemical reagent In Bordeaux mixture to neutralize the solution and form a long lasting fungicide the reef aquarium hobby for adding bio-available calcium in solution for calcium-using animals such as algae, snails, hard tube worms, and corals (often referred to as Kalkwasser mix), and also to increase the alkalinity of the water In the tanning industry for neutralization of acid, the liming of hides and skins and the flocculation of wastewater In the petroleum refining industry for the manufacture of additives to oils (salicatic, sulphatic, fenatic) In the chemical industry for manufacture of calcium stearate In the food industry for processing water for alcoholic beverages, soft drinks. Used to fortify fruit drinks such as Tropicana Calcium + Vitamin D OJ. Used in the separation of sugar from sugar cane in the sugar industry Used in the processing of Norwegian lutefisk. Dried cod fish is soaked in a mixture of slaked lime and soda to produce a soft-fleshed fish fillet that is steamed or baked and served with potato lefse Used in home food preservation in the making of pickles. For clearing a brine of carbonates of calcium and magnesium in the manufacture of salt for food and pharmacopoeia In Native American and Mesoamerican cooking, calcium hydroxide is called “cal”. Corn cooked with cal becomes nixtamal which significantly increases the bioavailability of niacin, and is also considered tastier and easier to digest. In chewing betel nut or coca leaves, calcium hydroxide is usually chewed alongside to keep the alkaloid stimulants chemically available for absorption by the body.

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