2kg Premium Activated Carbon Media for fresh★ponds and marine external filter★Make sure to checkout with minerals-water to get what’s on the picture★


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This is 2kg of Premium Activated Carbon Media for fresh,pond and marine external filters supplied in aluminium pouch.Please scroll down to see how do we send our product to avoid any damage due a transport to meet best standard and great price. USES Activated carbon is capable of adsorbing a wide range of organic substances, certain heavy metals and removing oxidising molecules (such as chlorine and ozone) from liquids and water. Typical applications for liquids and water purification are: The purification of water like: Aquarium and pond water (Removes heavy metals,odour,discolouration,organic contaminants and pollutants to leave aquarium water crystal clear). Groundwater (BTEX, Chlorinated solvents, PAH) Industrial wastewater (COD, AOX, EOX, TOC) Landfill leachate (COD, AOX, TOC) Municipal wastewater (Micro Pollutants) Process Water (Feed water, condensate, ultra-pure water,…) Swimming pool water (chloramines) The purification of food grade ingredients and products: Brewing and bottling industry (dechlorination, taste, odour) Decaffeination of coffee and tea Edible oil and related products like fatty acids, lecithin and glycerine HVP (Hydrolised Vegetable Proteins) Scrap Candy Sweeteners (colour removal, colour stability) and many others. Several purification steps in industrial processes at petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical plants like the purification of: Adipic acid Amino Acids Caprolactam Contrast liquids DEA (Diethanolamine) Fumaric acid Hydrochloric acid Maleic acid Pantaerytritol Phosphoric acid Steroids Vitamins and many others. Effectiveness of activated carbon purification of water and liquids

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