2Kg Bag of Alfagrog Pond, Aquarium Filter Bio Media ( Packed Weight)


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The key to effective biological filtration is choosing media with the highest surface area possible to allow beneficial bacteria to colonise and remove waste from the water. Alfagrog has an extremely high surface area by volume compared with other types of filter media on the market. Ideal for biorb aquariums, Alfagrog filter media’s high surface area makes it an ideal material on which micro organisms can adhere and boost biological decomposition of pollutants. Used to maximise the optimum media surface area with high water flow rates.the manufacturing process,which produces the ceramic media,ensures that no substances are present to adversely affect the health of fish or plants, Alfagrog is ideal for the use in filtration systems,as aquatic gravel or aquarium landscaping.weight Alfagrog is ideal for use in any biological filter system. It is very popular among koi keepers and commonly used in multi chamber filter systems.Replacing plastic filter media with Alfagrog will massively increase the biological capacity of your filter

  • Extremely high surface area
  • Highly porous, inert and ph neutral
  • Increased surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Ideal for all pond filters including Biorb and Multi Chamber types
  • Lightweight and very economical
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