25 kg sand Quartz Silicea Particle Size 0.4 - 0.8 mm Purification Filter for Posts Sand Pool Filter


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Quartz sand Silicea purification filter for charged special quartz sand pool filter sand filter for swimming pool water for a correct use of the pump of cleaning material in perfect quality fields of use: ideal for - For water purification filters of the pools (Please read carefully the manual of your pump before use). Fill Posie sauce or containers as a pot support, sottofondi drainage these holders make them more stable mixed with the compost for pots or sauce where it is necessary to increase to provide the right quantity of silicon to plants which need of this element as background for aquariums where it wants to rebuild a background consisting of real aquatic plants in the construction field, mixed with concrete for building Malte cement of each type. Product Information: Specially made for the special treatment & Purification of the swimming pool water “Sand” and filter for use in gardening, construction, and industrial. Features: - Absence Of Sharp Edges (rounded edges). Meets the following din standards: - DIN 19643 and treatment of swimming pool water - DIN EN 12904 treatment of drinking water - DIN 4924 well - pH neutral - repeatedly washed and dried the fire - repeatedly Spolverato and sifted - FREE FROM impurities - bianco-grigio-paglierino depending on colour of the organic origin. Considerations on disposal: For the elimination of waste to observe the legislation in force; the residues can be delivered in landfill sites for building materials. Pack of 25 kg

  • Swimming Pool Water Purification Filter (please carefully read the instruction manual of your pump before use)
  • Used as background to aquariums where you want Rebuild a background consisting of real aquatic plants
  • Mixed with the compost to provide the right quantity of silicon plants that require this element
  • Fill sauce or floral as a pot support sottofondi drainage of pots, containers or sauce is necessary appesantire these media to make them more stable
  • In the field of construction, mixed with cement for building Polish cementizie of each type.