2 x led Light Strip Light 24 CM / 24 led Waterproof Aquarium Moonlight Blue Car Hobby House and Garden


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LED Strip Blue

9.45 inch (240 mm) Long

Ideal for Aquaria Hobby Car Home and Garden

the advantages:

*modern LED technology


*Waterproof *ready-to fit with approx. 27.56 (70 cm) Inch Connection Cable

*Secure Technology by

eingeschweisste LEDs *Very durable and brighter than other

*beautiful, bright blue light

*24 x high-quality LED per Piece!

*Easy to use

*No soldering, no crafts and install-ready!

*with all standard 12V DC LED transformer, you can make it operate

means of a purchase of 2

they should this LED strip on the vehicle used:

Please note that this LED ´ s not in road traffic regulations are permitted:

they may in the exterior of the vehicle shall not be used on

location Germany! Not for sale from China!

  • Installation in just a few minutes
  • No damage to the vehicle
  • Elegant look
  • Brand New
  • Highest quality