1kg Calcium chloride dihydrate★food grade★CaCl2★flakes★Make sure to checkout with Minerals-water.ltd to get what’s on the picture★


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Molecular formula: CaCl2 2H2O This is 1kg of Calcium chloride food grade supplied in aluminium doypack pouch with resealable zip grip and heat seal. Please scroll down to see how do we send our product to avoid any damage due a transport to meet best standard and great price. USES USED IN FOOD Calcium chloride can be injected as intravenous therapy for the treatment of hypocalcaemia (low serum calcium). It can be used for insect bites or stings (such as Black Widow Spider bites). It can help to protect the myocardium from dangerously-high levels of serum potassium in hyperkalemia. Calcium chloride can be used to quickly treat Calcium Channel Blocker toxicity, from the side effects of drugs such as Diltiazem (Cardizem)-helping avoid potential heart attacks. The aqueous form of calcium chloride is used in genetic transformation of cells by increasing the cell membrane permeability, inducing competence for DNA uptake (allowing DNA fragments to enter the cell more readily). Aquarium It can be used in the reef aquarium hobby for adding bio-available calcium in solution for calcium-using animals such as snails, hard tube worms, and corals although the use of calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser mix) or a calcium reactor is the preferred method of adding calcium. However, calcium chloride is the quickest method to increase calcium levels as it dissolves readily in water. De-icing Water treatment Breewing beer Concrete Dessicant

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