0.4kg Aquarium Activated Carbon 3mm for colonization by nitrifying bacteria


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Activated carbonis used in aquaria to bind urinary and humic substances, pesticides and metabolites and similar residues and by this means to provide for clear water in the aquariumr. Moreover, by using activated carbon the content of ozone and chlorine of the water is reduced..

Activated carbon is particularly well suited for the pretreatment of tap water against turbidity caused by suspended particles and to filter any waste materials caused by drug treatment.

During a drug or algae treatment you should renounce the use of charcoal in the filter. However, after the treatment it is essential to remove any residues with its help.

We recommend not to leave the activated carbon in the filter for a longer period because after reaching the capacity there is the possibility that the bound pollutants are washed out and get back into the aquarium water.