Over 20 years experience in ornamental aquaculture and water processing has enabled New Era to formulate a first for the aquarium industry - soft sinking pellets. New Era has harnessed the nutritional benefits of its highly successful marine...

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The Arcadia Ultra Violet Ultraclear UVC Lamp eliminates suspended algae in ponds to give crystal clear pond water. It is also suitable for aquarium clarifiers and sterilizers. This compact lamp will remain effective for 12 months (Unlike lower...

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The elbow scissors can be used to cut aquatic plants in the aquariums or fish tanks. It's a good tool to reduce the aquatic plants in the aquarium. Features: Made of stainless steel, durable for use. Effectively reduce the aquatic plants in the...

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Bird net has sturdy 36", lightweight plastic handle attached to a spring steel frame (9.75" diameter); the netting is 100% nylon, and has a depth of 21". Bird net has sturdy 36", lightweight plastic handle attached to a spring steel frame (9.75"...

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These test strips are the only strips IN THE WORLD with EPA approval for use in testing drinking water! They are easy to use, quick (40 seconds), non-toxic, non-hazardous, and greater than 90% accurate. There are no powder or liquid reagents to...

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This all in one system combines all of the equipment required to to run a healthy, algae free small pond in a single smart unit with just the one power cable allowing for a much easier installation compared to a standard small pond set up. This...

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'Range of small olive tree premium sun lounger, beach chair in strong & lightweight 30 mm tube profile aluminium design, weather and salt water aquariums fest "Large, comfortable three-legged Sun Lounger with 6-stage adjustable back and...

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The wall hanging plant bowl is perfect for you and your home. These plant bowls can be hung virtually anywhere! You can decorate your , wall mount bowl with any accessories and keep most types of plants on a wall!- Plant bowl for offices, kids...

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G'fish Bowl Filt Refil Interpet 0621 Gold Fish Bowl Filter Refills (Pack of 2)2 Carbon refills for the Fish Bowl ...Delivery available to UK and International addresses.Interpet 0621 Gold Fish Bowl Filter Refills (Pk*2) is dispatched to you from...

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Luminous Artificial Jellyfish for Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament. These jellyfish will ba a best choice to decorate your fish tank. They are luminous in dark environment, which makes your fish tank more beautiful and vivifying. Attention: when you...

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Description: Dual Net Breeder Aquarium Fish Tank Breeding /Hatchery Kit Feature: ?Specially designed aquarium net breeder safely separates new-born fry from their mother and other fish. ?Ideal for separating fry & young from the breeding fish....

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* TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings. TOOGOO(R) 120 LED 120CM Flexible Linear PVC Strip Lights Aquarium Fish Tank Car Waterproof - blue Brand new & high qualtiy Super bright LEDs...

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