Dow Corning Aquarium Sealant 310ml Market Leading Silicone Sealant For Repairing Fish Tanks. Permanently flexible watertight seal 10 year guarantee. Geocel Dow Corning Aquarium Sealant...

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Heritage Floating Pond Sticks Mix 15L Bag. Heritage Pond Mix Floating Sticks is suitable for all Coldwater Fish, including Koi, Orfe, Carp, Goldfish and many other species. The High Quality Heritage Variety Mix contains a Balance Mix of;...

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The Amazon Sword Plant, Echinodorus amazonicus, is a Rosette plant that is very popular with aquarium hobbyists. They are capable of reaching approximately 20 inches in height under proper water conditions. The Amazon Sword Plant has short...

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* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. * SODIAL(R) Fish Tank Aquarium Green Plastic Grass Plants Decoration 6.7"...

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Description LXS string lights is perfect for Christmas, New Year, birthday, wedding celebration; It can also be used as ambience light for home and business decoration. wrap around your business signs or decorate across your restaurant walls to...

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Features: Semi-enclosed design by hanging on the outside of aquariums. Set different spaces for putting different filtering materials(only include filter cotton). Mini design and hanging style, can save space greatly. Low noise, fishes or...

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Stress Zyme Improves the development of the biological filter and helps clean a dirty aquarium. Contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful. Breaks down organic compounds that cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia and nitrite...

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Liroyal Digital LCD Fish Aquarium Marine Vivarium Thermometer -50¡ãC to 110 ¡ãC Digital LCD Fish Aquarium Marine Vivarium ThermometerLCD mini digital thermometerA lot of places can be used, it is really convenient and affordableCar inside and...

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Large Bag of White Silica Sand. Suitable for Aquariums. Product needs to be washed before use. Pure White Silica SandFor Aquarium Decoration25kg BagAdditional postage costs for outside of UK...

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The unique bio-media design used in Tetra's Bio-Active Pressure Filter has a distinct open profile with a high active surface area. This allows unrestricted water flow to all the surfaces for improved cleaning during the back flush cycle. The...

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Germicidal U.V. Lamps Are Low Pressure Mercury Vapour Discharge Lamps Consisting Of A Tubular Glass Envelope & Emitting Short Wave U.V. Radiation That Peaks At 253.7NM (UV-C) For Optimum Germicidal Effectiveness. The Glass Tube Consists Of Either...

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Specification: Temperature control range -50 ~ 99 ° C / -58 ~ 210 ° F Temperature resolution 0.1 ° C / 0.1 ° F Temperature accuracy of ± 1 ° C (-50 ~ 70 ° C) / ± 1 ° F (-50 to 160 ° F) Temperature Control mode on / off control, heating...

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