Feature:?This undergravel filter consists of interlocking plates which give flexibility in use ?Numerous perforations provide a huge surface area, allowing bacteria to breakdown the ammonia to less    harmful nitrates...

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300w Submersable and fully automatic heater-thermostat. Totally sealed to be waterproof, can be used fully submerged or to minimum indicator line. Can be used vertically, at an angle or horizontal. Top control dial for easy temperature...

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Feature: Brand new and high quality. Suitable for use with varying glass thickness. The streamline design is so artistic and pleasing to the eye. Floating design avoids lost magnets on the bottom of your aquarium and makes it convenient for use....

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Chandelier type: glass chandeliers, shaped lamps: fish line style with chandeliers and the lamp housing auxiliary material: glass,Light as the secondary material: glass, treatment area: 3 U U-5, lights are the main material: glass, the lamp...

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Application: Plant photosynthesis needs light wavelengths between 400 nm --720 nm;400 nm --520 nm blue light and 610 nm --720 nm red light,on plant growth is more favorable. The plant LED lamp made of red and blue combinations, or all blue or...

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