Features: A mini temperature controller. With large and clear LED display for better readability. Wide temperature measuring range. Heating and cooling control. Temperature calibration function. Delay protection function. All parameters...

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High quality geometric terrarium, made of framed transparent glass. It is ideal for raising succuents and cacti. It is also stuitable for planting tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns, and air plants. It is geometric, so it...

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Made from plastic material, this 7.8 inches  height artificial plant is perfect for your fish tank. It can colorize the fish tank and afford things for pet fish to play. Ceramic base makes it not easy to be washed away.  Product Name :...

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However good your filtration system there are always minute particles present which find their way through the filter media. These particles irritate fish gill membranes stunt plant growth by filtering out light and ruin the enjoyment of seeing...

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The pump 600 has a capacity of ca. 600 litres per hour. The pump will fit into all JUWEL Filter Systems except the Filter System Compact Super.Pump Set 600 lh. replacement suitable for: Rio 125, Rio 180, Vision 180 and Trigon 190the pump has a...

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acquire the following Article: JBL CO2/pH-Permanent reagent Product Description: CO2/pH-Permanent reagent Notes: Should there are any problems with the goods received, please contact us., please e-mail or call 0351/2849329...

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Handle length is 10" 25cm + net (5") total 15" long Rust ProofSuper Soft NylonStrong & FlexibleIdeal for Delicate FishPVC Encased...

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Gravel top dressing supplied in 8kg approx. bag. One 8kg bag covers approximately two plant pots with a diameter of 40cm x 40cm to a depth of 1 inches Aquarium friendly. Decorative gravel for water features and garden borders and top dressing...

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Reliable precise and easytouse aquarium heaters. Tropical freshwater and marine fish require a stable temperature of around 2427C in order to remain healthy and in good condition. The TetraTec HT range of heaters maintain a constant temperature...

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All 9 EHEIM Heater models are 100% fully submersible and come with a new TruTemp dial that allows the user to recalibrate the heater within a +/- 0.5F degree accurancy for precise temperature readings. Fully submersibleThermo safey control...

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Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer Model: XY-2830 Material: Sponge + Plastic Colour: Black Weight:59 g Outlet Aperture:2cm/0.78in Extension Tube Length:14.8cm/5.82in Cylinder...

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