Blagdon 8000 Force Hybrid Pump with Max Flow 7200 litres per hour


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    * High quality components
    * Durable and reliable
    * Unique switchable hybrid intake system
    * Multi-purpose cage mode – allows water to be drawn into pump from pond floor and above
    * Sludge removal mode – allows water and sludge to be drawn from pond floor only for filter performance
    * C/w multi inlet ball valve for convenient control of the water flow in an easy reach location
    * Max flow: 7300ltr/hr (1606gal/hr)
    * Flow at 2M: 5000ltr/hr (1099gal/hr)
    * Max pumping height: 4.8M (15’7”)
    * Cable: 10M
    * Wattage: 140W
    * 3 year guarantee

  • Solids handling water garden pump, ideal for filter systems and waterfalls
  • Unique switchable hybrid intake system
  • Convenient flow adjustment
  • Sludge removal mode
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Perfect for waterfalls and fountains